Twitter moves so fast that posts on a busy profile can get buried pretty quickly. But there is a method to have your most important tweet stay at the top of your feed – you have to pin it there.

A “pinned tweet” is a tweet that you’ve “pinned” in place at the top of your stream so that, for others, it will be the first tweet they see on your profile.

It’s a very easy set-up, too. Simply go to the tweet you want to pin to the top of your feed, click the “…” symbol, and then select “Pin to your profile page”. Voila. You’ve now got a pinned tweet!

It essentially means that you’ll have a lot more engagement on twitter. Businesses and brands always want to understand the top ways in which they can bend social media sites to make them more engaging with their audience – a pinned tweet is potentially the best place to start.

It is important to think about the content of your pinned tweet – what can you pin there, what will be useful? Here are a few ideas:

  • Company hirings, products, and other announcements
  • Promotions you’re running
  • Reveal urgency – for sales or other campaigns
  • Older content that should be revived (perhaps even a “throwback”)
  • A funny or relevant photo or image
  • A link to a blog post
  • A conference- or event-related tweet
  • Customer service details or different ways of contacting your company

Pinned tweets have proven that they work in bringing more retweets and generating leads. They’re an essential part of your Twitter strategy that you cannot afford to miss out on.