For years, Twitter have been stingy with their 140 character limit on tweets. However, things are changing.

Even though this limit still exists, Twitter are now cutting back on what types of content that will use up the 140 character limit we all know and love.

These new Twitter features are incredibly exciting and give the world of tweeting a whole new perspective to go from. Since it was announced in May, this update has been incredibly anticipated by all users of the social media platform.

So, what has actually changed?


Have you ever had the aggravating experience of writing a tweet, and not actually being able to send it to the person you wrote it for, because of the character limit? Those awful days are over. Now, when replying to a tweet @Names will no longer count towards the 140 character limit. This new feature will make interactions on Twitter a whole lot easier, no more changing your word choice to condense your character count.

Media Attachments

When you add photos, GIF’s, polls, videos or Quote tweets – they will now no longer count towards your character limit! So you can still write a detailed tweet, while still including a photo without having to worry about how many characters you’ve used by adding an image.

Retweet and Quote Tweet yourself

You can now retweet yourself! Users never thought it would actually happen, but now you can now easily retweet or quote tweet your own tweets. So important tweets that went unnoticed can be pulled back up again onto recent Twitter feeds. It’s a bit of a game changer when it comes to the world of tweeting.

Goodbye to “.@”

Now, when you start a tweet with a username – it will reach all your followers! This change will help simplify the rules that revolve around tweets that start with a username. People used to use the “@.” convention that allowed people to broadcast their tweets broadly, but now, if you want a reply to be seen by all your followers, you can retweet it and it will show up normally on twitter feeds.

So now I bet you’re thinking: “So how can this update help me with my business?”

1. It will make it easier for you to interact with your audience

Your replies to tweets you have received can now be much more thorough, as usernames no longer count towards your character limit. Therefore, you now no longer need to consider the length of the user’s twitter handle when replying to something and you can focus more on the actual content you are sending. This gives you the opportunity to be more personal with your tweets when replying, like using a twitter sign off, a funny GIF or maybe even a video further explaining your tweet in more detail.

If your replies are helpful and your account comes across as more interactive – you will gain more active followers. Customers will know they can go to your twitter account for quick and easy information, without having to call or email you.

2. You can use visuals more often

Pictures are worth a thousand words. One minute of video is worth 1.8 million words. It’s a fact that your brain processes visuals 60,000 x faster than text. In addition, it has been proven that information is easier to remember when presented in a visual manner, rather than in text format. So, the more visuals you use – the more your followers are going to remember your twitter account.

So, take advantage of the fact that there isn’t a limit! You can post a good tweet with an engaging visual, without worrying about the characters.

3. You are able to share longer thoughts

On Twitter, you may need to write more than one tweet to share your thoughts in as much detail as you need too. With the new ability to quote your own tweets, users can now quote their first tweet and carry on from where they left off in the second one. Therefore making the thread simple and easy to follow, as users don’t have to scroll through their timeline to find the other end of the conversation.

No idea how to do this? Just share your first tweet, and then quote that tweet and add the rest of your message in the 140 characters available to you in the second tweet. Meaning you have got a whole 280 characters to use here.

This new approach from Twitter emphasises to users that they are now able to express themselves in a much easier way. The character limit is now centred around the message rather than the media attached to it. So take advantage of these changes, and improve your business twitter account!