What makes a great ad headline? The answer, it would seem, is far from simple – but luckily, there are plenty of ways to make sure your ad jumps off the page and stands out in the crowd. You probably already understand the importance of great ad copy, but your target audience will never get as far as the copy if they don’t click through your ad!

Here’s how you can write sparkling, engaging ad headlines that your prospects will be innately drawn to.

Use keywords

Too many advertisements nowadays don’t actually contain the keyword which was originally searched, leading to frustration on the part of many online shoppers. Okay, this may seem like a fairly simple solution, but you don’t want your potential customers to have to guess what it is you’re actually selling; you need to make it plain, simple and unavoidable. Make it crystal clear what you’re selling and your prospect are much more likely to click.

Solve a problem

Position your product or service as a problem-solver. More often than not, those seeking a certain product online are looking to meet a certain need that they have, and if your headline can position your product as the solution to their issue, you’re already halfway to a sale.

Don’t be afraid to be funny!

Prospects using search engines are most likely scanning dozens of similar advertisements and pages offering the same thing. Why not inject a little humour into your headline to help you stand out in the crowd? If you can make consumers smile, even for a second, they could be much more likely to click through to your page. Just be wary of making jokes at your competitors’ expense; it could land you in hot water if it’s not worded appropriately!

Leverage facts and stats

If you have any facts or statistics that you could use in your headline, don’t shy away from them. Empirical evidence can be very appealing to consumers, building trust and a sense of reliability around a brand.

Question your audience

Pique your audience’s interest by asking a question. This is a time-old marketers trick that can have a real impact on your ad’s CTR. Even something as simple as ‘Need an attorney?’ can lure in your audience and have them thinking that you have the answers to their problems (see above).

Monitor social trends and use them for inspiration

Utilise tools like Buzzsumo to see what others in your industry are talking about. Keep up-to-date with the latest happenings online and leverage those trends when it comes to writing up your next ad headline. Be aware that this is an approach which requires constant tweaking – trends don’t often stay around for long, and you don’t want your ads to appear out-of-date.

Keep it simple, stupid

Also known as the K-I-S-S approach, using simple language is one of the best ways to attract your audience’s attention. Buzzwords and jargon can quickly put people off, but straight-talking ads can be refreshingly appealing.