Snapchat is the new social media phenomenon that offers a unique way to communicate with your customers.

Unlike lots of other social media networks out there, it doesn’t really matter when you post on Snapchat as posts do not get buried in a busy timeline like Facebook or Twitter. The updates stay unopened until the followers have the time to open them, so you always know someone is going to be seeing all the content that you post on there.

Here is my guide to decide whether Snapchat is worth getting for your business:

Are you a ‘fun’ business?

Snapchat is a platform that should really only be used if you a certain type of business that doesn’t mind being a little quirky sometimes. Snapchat is about as casual as social media platforms can get. Your followers aren’t interested in corporate stuffiness — they’re looking for colour, action and fun. Give it to them.

You need to have something interesting to post!

Snapchat is there for quick, interesting content. If your posts get boring, it is more than likely that your viewers will just stop clicking on your story. There is nothing worse than coming across as boring and uninteresting on Snapchat. Make sure you are able to post fun and interesting content as much as possible – otherwise it is not worth even signing up for an account.

You need the time!

Finding the time to post every single day can be pretty difficult, even if the posts only last ten seconds. If you don’t post at least once a day – you’re going to be forgotten. If you post too much – you’re going to annoy your followers. It only takes a second for someone to change their opinion on you and your brand, so take your time and work out what to post and when to post. Make sure you have the time, and the resources to manage everything.

Can you go behind the scenes?

People love to get a look behind the scenes of companies and people they care about. Snapchat is great way for people to see everything in your operation. It is glimpse into the lifestyle of your company, and if you sit on your desk managing accounts all day, it may not be the best thing to share. Think outside the box. Are you running an event? Share behind the scene photos. Getting the Xmas tree up in the office next week? Share the photos! If you can’t show what really goes on – don’t show it on social media.

Snapchat can be a great platform but make sure you know how to use it correctly and if your business is the right kind to use it in the first place.