The festive season is here, which means all the emotional Christmas adverts have returned. For most people, as soon as the Christmas Adverts start appearing – it is the true start to the Christmas season (for me anyway). At Digivita we love all the creative ads on television this time of year.

Here is my list of the top eight Christmas Adverts you need to keep your eyes peeled for while watching television this festive season:

8) House of Fraser

You cannot miss this advert, with its incredibly catchy song ‘Ready or Not’ the department store put a big festive twist of dance and colour into their creation this Christmas.

It is not something you are going to be sobbing your eyes out to, but it will make you want to get up and dance around the living room with tinsel falling from the sky.

7) Morrisons

This 40-second simple advert will probably give you goosebumps. It shows a young boy practicing his classic quiz questions throughout the run up to Christmas so he can beat his granddad at Trivial Pursuit.

I’m not sure about you, but Trivial Pursuit brings back so many fun memories of Christmas time, so this advert really hit home with the beauty of the festive season, and how it brings families together.

6) Aldi

Kevin the Carrot is probably the cutest vegetable I have ever seen.
Kevin negotiates the landscape of the dinner table to get closer to the fireplace and goes on a long dangerous trek across it, but quickly falls asleep. When he wakes up, he finds himself on the end of a reindeer’s antler.

Although this advert doesn’t have a distinct message coming across, it’s still lovely to watch (and adorable too).

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5) John Lewis

This year the department store have moved away from ‘sad advertising’ and has created a wonderful story of a family and their dog.

Featuring lots of wild animals and obviously the now famous ‘Buster the Dog’, this advert tells a story of a little girl wishing for a trampoline for Christmas but is beaten to it by her own dog who starts jumping on it himself out of excitement.

It is truly magical and shows that everyone, even family pets, enjoy Christmas.

4) Heathrow Airport

This heart-wrenching advert tells the story of two bears making their way through the airport to be with their family again on the other side of customs.

The journey really captures the excitement that you feel while walking through arrivals into the arms of your loved ones at Christmas. (Plus the teddy bears are incredibly cute and make your heart melt).

3) Sainsburys

As soon as you hear James Corden’s voice on this advert – you know you are going to love it.

The carpool karaoke star voices a busy workaholic father during the run up to Christmas, trying to balance Christmas shopping, working and his family life at the same time.

The message behind the entire creation is the reason this advert is so high up on my list, it shows you that Christmas is not just about buying ‘the best gifts’ but instead spending quality time with your family – which could be worth just as much as an expensive toy. It is a must watch. (The song is very catchy too).

2) Waitrose

This 90-second long masterpiece nearly broke my heart in two. It follows the journey of a lone robin, trying to find its way home to a delicious mince pie.

The idea is that the robin acts as a metaphor for the journeys we all make to be with our families and friends at Christmas.

Battling all weathers, rain, wind and snow – this robin battles the elements to make it back home. (It will make you cry tears of joy)

1) Marks and Spencer

As soon as I saw this advert I knew it was going to be my favourite Christmas advert. It breaks all gender stereotypes with heroine Mrs Claus going at it alone delivering a new pair of sparkling trainers to a young girl.

The new ad focuses on the real driving force behind Christmas magic – Father Christmas’s better half. She shoots off on a ski-jet to her own personal helicopter, named R-DOLF (Santa needs to step up his game) and flies across the world to unite a brother and sister through the power of love and gift-giving.

I hope you enjoyed this fun festive blog. Which one was your favourite?

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