Instagram is one of the most popular social media platforms out there. With now more generations getting involved with this application, it is definitely one to consider when choosing the social media platforms that you want to target for your business.

In this blog, we are going to give you our top five tips to make sure that you are using this platform to your full advantage, and not wasting your precious time.

Instagram is an incredibly visual platform. Therefore, your brand needs to stand out enough so people remember who you are. If your brand is not great, you are going to be washed out and be hidden behind a lot of other businesses. So make sure everything about your brand caters to the audience you are targeting based on their interests and expectations. It is really something people overlook when starting an account for their business on Instagram, which can really affect their social media marketing.

Instagram is a great place for businesses to hold competitions. The host can ask users to like, comment, share, mention a certain number of friends etc. It is a great way to build up your brand on here, as posts don’t often get overlooked on this platform due to the layout of the timeline. Try this out, and see how it skyrockets your followers.

No one wants to see pictures every day of you sat at your desk, do they? On Instagram it is essential that you are adding value to your followers otherwise, they will just get bored and unfollow – it is as simple as that. Show your company’s culture, share your mission with the world, post tips, how-to’s – it is really up to you. Just make sure your followers will be gaining something in return for following you. Remember, Instagram also allows you to upload short videos (similar to gifs) and videos up to one minute in length.

Most people don’t see the difference in the use of hashtags on Instagram and Twitter, but trust me – there is a huge difference. With Twitter, you obviously have a character count, so you are incredibly limited to the amount of text you can use in your tweets in the first place. With Instagram, you can have up to 30 hashtags on a single post excluding the actual caption. As long as you make sure that they are all relevant, it is the perfect way to expand your reach.

As a general rule, don’t post more than twice a day. If you post more often than that, you are going to be taking up a lot of the user’s feed – which will most likely annoy them. Most users do not follow more than 500 users. Just like Facebook or Twitter, when accounts follow too many people, it can get incredibly overwhelming. Remember, the commitment level to an account is very low on Instagram – so ‘unfollows’ are very common.

Hopefully, these tips helped you to start your Instagram journey!