As any content specialist will tell you, having the right words on your homepage, landing pages and transaction pages can make a huge difference to your conversion rate. But what are these words? Getting the right voice isn’t just about creative marketing and copywriting; the most valuable content is created by focussing on what your customers actually want – or do not want – from a product or service. Harvest and analyse what your customers are saying, and you can turn this information into powerful headers, sub headers, content and calls to action. Insightful phrases occur again and again in customer feedback and in online conversations. In some cases they can be directly used to create compelling copy.

-Ask the Right Questions and Listen to the Answers

You can get this valuable information by regularly asking customers basic questions and by listening to online conversations regarding your products – and competitors’ products.

-Copy That Underpins Your Marketing Strategy

You can then create copy that demonstrates exactly how your product’s benefits and features fit in with your potential customers’ needs, desires and fears. Fail to address these, and you could be losing custom. This invaluable information, when properly sifted and analysed, might well form the basis of an on-going marketing strategy.

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