Not too long ago, Facebook introduced a whole new feature for their users: Facebook Live.

Facebook Live allows users to stream live video to their friends or followers. By just tapping the live stream icon on your smartphone, you are able to write a description for the event and with a few more clicks of buttons, you are broadcasting live on your Facebook page.

Facebook Live is very useful when it comes to building up a loyal following, and is the perfect way to show potential customers what your company is about, which is why it is often used within events and training seminars. It allows people not able to attend the event, to still get involved. It is a wonderful marketing tool, which needs to be used more often – it is underrated that’s for sure.

Sounds good, doesn’t it? So, here are some of my tips to use Facebook Live to the best of its ability.

1. Pick the right time for your stream!

Check the insights section of your Facebook page, and see when your followers are most active. If half of them don’t even touch Facebook until late afternoon – don’t do a live stream early morning as no-one is going to see it! You want to make sure that your stream reaches as many people as possible, and by checking when your following is most active is the way you can do that successfully.

2. Plan, plan, plan!

No one is going to want to watch technical difficulties, people not knowing what to say or a Q&A with no questions. So, make sure you plan well! Ensure that when streaming, your Wi-Fi connection will be running well and you have a content plan of what you’re actually going to do or say. If you’re planning on doing a Q&A, get people to send in questions in advance! This gives some promotion on your live stream before it has even happened, which leads me onto my next point:

3. Promote

Make sure to tease the fact you’re doing a live broadcast on your Facebook page, it will gain more views than a spontaneous unplanned one. While allowing users to prepare themselves, it also allows people to generate buzz and hype for your stream. If you don’t let people know anything is happening, there is no guarantee anyone will be even watching! If no one is watching despite your promotion efforts, it gives you something to work on in the future, if not: you were just being lazy.

4. Invest into equipment (or time)

Nobody wants to watch a shaky live stream just because the pile of books keeping the phone upright keeps falling over. Be sure to invest in a tripod, or just invest some time into making sure that the shot is right and the device will stay stable throughout the entirety of your live stream. Remember, the live stream is the customers seeing the faces behind the business. You don’t want your impression to become the organisation who can’t even prop up a phone correctly. It would make your business seem unprofessional, and not attract any potential customers.

Take advantage of these tips, and make sure to put them into practice next time you want do a live stream on your Facebook page!