You may have heard the story of a stock broker who ran down a cyclist on his way to work and then bragged about it on Twitter blaming him for being late at work! Yes that really did happen and said stock broker is now no longer a stock broker. Its probably best you avoid ending up in this situation. ‘But how?’ I hear you ask! Here are seven simple tips to help you not get fired thanks to Twitter.

No 1. Don’t joke about running people over, or any irresponsible actions for that matter, I can assure you your employer will not find it amusing in the least.

No 2. Bombs. Never make a bomb joke, nothing about bombings or bomb threats or anything bomb related really. These kinds of jokes will not only get you fired, you could also end up in handcuffs.

No 3. Never badmouth your employer. Lets face it, your boss is going to be horrible at some stage, it is inevitable but you should never take to the internet and start complaining about what they may have done. Put simply, they will read it and will probably fire you.

No 4. Don’t complain about your clients either! It is more then likely some of your clients follow you on Twitter so it is safer to not post a rant about how annoying they can be. They will not be pleased.

No 5. Don’t post any company secrets online, they are secret for a reason. You’re only going to end up on the receiving end of your employers wrath for making them look bad, so just don’t do it, even by accident.

No 6. Never post something on a company account, unless you’ve been told to, this can lead to all kinds of problems for your business. Don’t jeopardise relationships for the sake of a joke, its not worth it!

No 7. Last but not least, a somewhat obvious tip, don’t post anything racist or sexist. Imagine how that reflects on your employer and your company? Avoid offending anyone as it is just unnecessary and can ultimately cost you your job. Don’t do it!

Follow these simple steps and you won’t have to find yourself on the job market anytime soon!