Somewhere, deep within your computer, there is going to be an email database of every person you have ever spoken to in terms of your business. People mostly use this list in their email marketing campaigns, to try and sell them services through automated emails. And if you have ever received one of these emails before, you’ve probably just deleted it straight away – email marketing doesn’t always work.

So, how amazing would it be if you could target your Google Ads to the people you have already communicated with? Without sending them millions and billions of automated emails in the hope of a collaboration? Well, now you can. Welcome to the magic of Customer Match.

But, what’s the fuss about? I hear you ask. Well, we have been waiting for Google to start identity-match targeting with their ads – and now they have! You now have the ability to create and target your very own user lists, by simply uploading your prospects’ email addresses. You can then apply these to your Search, Gmail or YouTube campaigns – it couldn’t be simpler.

But remember, Google is proud of being a customer-centric company and values its great reputation. So, to avoid anyone taking advantage of this recent update that Google has implemented into AdWords – rules have been put in place.

For example, you can obviously only upload customer information that they have obtained in a first –party context. Basically, any instances where the user has demonstrated an interest in the advertisers’ business. Like, emails collected through website forms, apps, physical stores and in-person events etc.

The way I think of Customer Match is a sort of remarketing list. This is because remarketing allows you to connect with users that have previously shown any sort of interest in your business. However, Customer Match allows you to go that little bit further and reconnect with users that showed enough interest to leave you their email address at the end of it.

So what does this list of emails need to be? Well, anything. It could be a list of everyone you’ve met at networking events or anyone you have ever done business with – it is really up to you, as long as you’ve got permission to email them. It just needs to be at least 1000 emails. However, due to the 50% match rate, you should aim to add around 3000 email addresses. But make sure, that all these emails must have been gathered by you or the advertiser. Buying huge lists of 3rd party data are not going to work – Google is clever.

This new tool that Google has implemented should be used to its full advantage, as this is the first time you are able to target the customer right there and then – rather than having to guess based on search terms. With Customer Match, your brand is there staring at them in the face. And as this is like remarketing – it’s going to follow them. They are going to recognise you and your services, and even if this doesn’t generate sales straight away, you’re going to be getting your name out there. Maybe next time you are at a networking, they will recognise your name then, you start talking – and boom, a collaboration is in the works!

Hopefully, the idea of Customer Match now makes more sense. So, it’s time to change up your Marketing Strategy and start using this helpful tool in your AdWords campaigns.