Noticed that some your competitors have created Facebook business pages? Think it’s time to create one for your own company? There’s no denying that a well thought-out and attractively designed Facebook page can help support your business objectives – but ‘leaping on the bandwagon’ without careful consideration could mean wasted time, money and effort. Here are our bite-size tips for a Facebook business page that really works:

Target the Right Audience

Aim to get your page in front of people who might actually be interested in your product or service – not just your family and friends! Use Like ads to target users by interest and location.

Use Effective Profile/Background Images

Think carefully about your profile picture and background image. Use a sharp, distinct profile image that will look good when minimised on the news feed; consider avoiding text as it may appear too small to read. Choose a background image that illustrates your business clearly: happy customers, most popular product etc. Keep your profile and background images the same for a long time; you need them to stick in potential customers’ minds.

Work on Your Post Frequency

How often should you post? If you have a lot of high quality, engaging content to pass out to your audience, then the more the better. However, experiment with frequency of posts to see what results in the most engagement.

Invest in Facebook Ads

Some may resist the notion of paying for Facebook ads – but if they bring you more business, why wouldn’t you? A key benefit of this platform is the ability to target people in a variety of categories: from dog lovers to science fiction fans, from car enthusiasts to brides-to-be – you can find them all on FB!