Independent School Marketing

Your prospective parents are looking for an independent school that will give their children the best possible start in life. In order to get their attention on social media, you’ll need to show what sets you apart from the other schools. No matter what Social media platform you use, you need to show your pupil’ achievements, experience, and personal developments through the content that’s being shared on social media. Social media is a great place to display the wonderful atmosphere of your institutions and the amazing start in life it gives your pupils.

Most UK independent schools are active on three or more social media network but only spend between 1-5 hours per week on social media – which isn’t enough for a strong social media presence. If there isn’t enough in-house resource to spend time of each individual Social media channel, it is best to choose just one or two platforms.

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A strong social media presence will make you stand out from other schools when parents are sifting through the different options available to them. If it seems like a lot of work, use our handy social media publishing schedule template to help you get started.

Don’t lose your job because of Twitter

You may have heard the story of a stock broker who ran down a cyclist on his way to work and then bragged about it on Twitter blaming him for being late at work! Yes that really did happen and said stock broker is now no longer a stock broker. Its probably best you avoid ending up in this situation. ‘But how?’ I hear you ask! Here are seven simple tips to help you not get fired thanks to Twitter.

No 1. Don’t joke about running people over, or any irresponsible actions for that matter, I can assure you your employer will not find it amusing in the least.

No 2. Bombs. Never make a bomb joke, nothing about bombings or bomb threats or anything bomb related really. These kinds of jokes will not only get you fired, you could also end up in handcuffs. (more…)

The new Twitter update – How it can help your business

For years, Twitter have been stingy with their 140 character limit on tweets. However, things are changing.

Even though this limit still exists, Twitter are now cutting back on what types of content that will use up the 140 character limit we all know and love.

These new Twitter features are incredibly exciting and give the world of tweeting a whole new perspective to go from. Since it was announced in May, this update has been incredibly anticipated by all users of the social media platform.

So, what has actually changed?


How to be smart with hashtags

The hashtag. First developed on Twitter back in 2007, and since then the idea has spread to every corner of the social media world. The intention of the hashtag was to make it much easier for users to search for content specifically. It is essentially a way to categorise information, without having to scour the entire website that you’re using. Facebook, Tumblr, Pinterest, Instagram and Google+ have all jumped on the twitter trend, although they may not all of been as successful as each other when it comes to this phenomenon.


Avoid Terrible Tweets

We’ve discussed Twitter’s use on this blog before, how it can prove to be an extremely useful tool for social media marketing (see here for our tips on Pinned Tweets and getting more Retweets).

Since social media’s inception, gaffes have been common. From Ed Balls tweeting his own name, to the hashtag hijacking of 2014’s #myNYPD, mistakes, stupidity and [errors of judgement] spread like wildfire. Even if you delete the tweet, someone has likely taken a screenshot of it – there’s really no escape. (more…)

Want more Retweets? Try a pin

Twitter moves so fast that posts on a busy profile can get buried pretty quickly. But there is a method to have your most important tweet stay at the top of your feed – you have to pin it there.

A “pinned tweet” is a tweet that you’ve “pinned” in place at the top of your stream so that, for others, it will be the first tweet they see on your profile. (more…)

Top Tips To Get More Retweets on Twitter

Most businesses already have a good idea of the general dos and don’ts of Twitter – don’t go crazy on the hashtags, make sure you post regularly and be sure to use multimedia content for the highest levels of engagement.

But for almost all Twitter users looking back over their analytics, there are usually a few tweets which have as many as x10 more retweets than their regular content. Why does this happen – and how can you optimise your other posts to boost the chances of them being retweeted? (more…)