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Want more Retweets? Try a pin

Twitter moves so fast that posts on a busy profile can get buried pretty quickly. But there is a method to have your most important tweet stay at the top of your feed – you have to pin it there.

A “pinned tweet” is a tweet that you’ve “pinned” in place at the top of your stream so that, for others, it will be the first tweet they see on your profile. (more…)

Top Tips To Get More Retweets on Twitter

Most businesses already have a good idea of the general dos and don’ts of Twitter – don’t go crazy on the hashtags, make sure you post regularly and be sure to use multimedia content for the highest levels of engagement.

But for almost all Twitter users looking back over their analytics, there are usually a few tweets which have as many as x10 more retweets than their regular content. Why does this happen – and how can you optimise your other posts to boost the chances of them being retweeted? (more…)