Why you need to use Conversion Rate Optimisation right now

Picture the scene: your website’s traffic is increasing.  That SEO campaign your team worked so hard on is seeing some great results, your social media strategy is pulling in strong numbers and your PPC is also doing the trick. Brilliant, your planning has paid off with more visitors on your site!


You’re not seeing the kinds of actions you want from visitors. Conversions just aren’t happening; depending on your business, this can be an app download, an email newsletter sign up, filling out a survey, or purchasing something. Conversion Rate is a key metric in ecommerce as it tells you the percentage of visitors to your site that are completing a specific goal. (more…)

Google Update is Bad News for Intrusive Mobile Popups

Sites using page-covering pop-up ads and sign-up forms are to be de-ranked by Google in the new year. Intrusive pop-up ads – named ‘intrusive interstitials’ – are to be heavily penalised by Google. In January 2017, Google will be lowering the rankings for sites that include invasive advertising that, in their own words, “can be problematic on mobile devices where screens are often smaller.”

The ‘mobile friendly’ ecosystem has grown to the point where, according to Google, 85% of content on the web is now mobile friendly. This is no surprise, as back in 2015 Google recorded more mobile searches being made than desktop ones. The ‘mobile friendly’ label will now be removed, even though mobile friendliness will continue to be a major part of Google’s ranking algorithm. (more…)

The Current State of SEO

Over the last few years, a lot of things have changed in SEO. Because of these changes, both search engines and the searchers now have more expectations from your website than before. So, what do they expect from you now?

1. They expect good relevant content (no escaping quality content!)

2. They expect a faster loading site (your website takes more than 7 seconds to load? Talk to your developer now!)

3. They also expect great user experience and a decent design.

It’s often hard to live up to these expectations! All these things that you did in the past to rank your site, it may not work as well now.