Think about any great story you’ve read. It usually follows a formula where the main characters have these outstanding attributes: the brains, the warrior, the mentor. These guys come together to complete a task as a team – a completely impossible feat if they didn’t have each other. To get seriously productive with your marketing, you need to organise your team in a similar way. How can you focus on your team’s skills, rather than just their job titles?

Recognise the digital marketing skill sets

E-commerce and marketing digital skills generally fall into four categories:

  • – Technical: specialised skills used for your marketing campaigns. These guys code and edit a website’s architecture for best SEO and PPC bidding.
  • – Strategic: employees who exploit technology to get the most efficient campaign performance. These will be your goal setters – take note of what they predict and what’s finally delivered!
  • – Creative: anytime you need to make something from nothing, you lean on your creatives. Copywriting, video editing and graphic design come under this term, and these skills are vital in your B2C and B2B campaigns.
  • – Support: computers, clients, technology – these team members keep things running smoothly.

Once identified, you need to proportion your skill sets throughout your team. As fun as having a team full of creatives would be in delivering the perfect tag line, without anybody strategic, you’ll have the world’s greatest unread marketing material. (more…)