What does Facebook’s future look like?

Facebook has come a long way since its humble beginnings as a small, college-based networking site back in 2004. Now it boasts almost 2 billion monthly active users, and is crowned the most widely used social media site in the world. But what does the future hold for the social media giant?

Expect more from Instagram

A recent study suggested that Facebook video user engagement was dropping. So what’s Facebook’s solution? Pipe more attention their image-sharing platform Instagram, which grabs 92% of social media attention for brands. That’s a huge incentive for companies to either begin using Instagram for business or perfect their strategy.

In fact, it’s not just Instagram that will grow. WhatsApp, Messenger and Groups – all in the hundreds of millions of users – will see improvements, streamlining and technological make-overs.

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Are Facebook Ads worth the cost

Last year Facebook had over 3 million advertisers racking up $5 billion in ad revenue. Is 2017 the year to get involved with Facebook advertising? How much does it cost? What returns are available? We explain it all below!

How do they work?
Facebook ads work much like Google ads. You set up an advert on one creative template, link this to your website and/or Facebook page, target your audience, set a budget, and let it go. There’s a little more to it than that, but it’s the gist. You can show off your products or services in a carousel, distribute your ads across devices, and use retargeting to help cross/up-sell to users interested in your brand.

How do I find out how much Facebook ads cost?
Hootsuite’s Facebook advertising gurus Adespresso  analyse millions of dollars of ad revenue on Facebook every quarter. Their latest stats from Q3 2016 tell a story: Facebook ads are gradually becoming more expensive and businesses are willing to put up bigger spends per year (which kind of suggests they’re working for those businesses). (more…)

Facebook Live Video – How to use it to your advantage

Not too long ago, Facebook introduced a whole new feature for their users: Facebook Live.

Facebook Live allows users to stream live video to their friends or followers. By just tapping the live stream icon on your smartphone, you are able to write a description for the event and with a few more clicks of buttons, you are broadcasting live on your Facebook page.