Email Marketing

GDPR: What Do You Need To Know About Data Protection?

As of the 25 May, cyber security becomes a big issue for UK businesses, especially those that work with analytics, online advertising, and social media. This is the date the new General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) comes into force, and the date by which every business that holds “personal information” about customers and clients should have adequate security in place. (more…)

Four Email Marketing blunders that will cost you subscribers

It can be difficult to create a resonant email marketing campaign, and you need to take appropriate measures to make sure your subscribers stick with you.

Frequency and consistency are important factors, but you’re likely to lose more than you gain by sending emails every day, when your subscribers are simply looking for a weekly update. It can soon become part of the background – but here are 4 less obvious blunders that you should avoid (more…)