How to equip your marketing team with the ideal mix of digital skills

Think about any great story you’ve read. It usually follows a formula where the main characters have these outstanding attributes: the brains, the warrior, the mentor. These guys come together to complete a task as a team – a completely impossible feat if they didn’t have each other. To get seriously productive with your marketing, you need to organise your team in a similar way. How can you focus on your team’s skills, rather than just their job titles?

Recognise the digital marketing skill sets

E-commerce and marketing digital skills generally fall into four categories:

  • – Technical: specialised skills used for your marketing campaigns. These guys code and edit a website’s architecture for best SEO and PPC bidding.
  • – Strategic: employees who exploit technology to get the most efficient campaign performance. These will be your goal setters – take note of what they predict and what’s finally delivered!
  • – Creative: anytime you need to make something from nothing, you lean on your creatives. Copywriting, video editing and graphic design come under this term, and these skills are vital in your B2C and B2B campaigns.
  • – Support: computers, clients, technology – these team members keep things running smoothly.

Once identified, you need to proportion your skill sets throughout your team. As fun as having a team full of creatives would be in delivering the perfect tag line, without anybody strategic, you’ll have the world’s greatest unread marketing material. (more…)

Why you need to use Conversion Rate Optimisation right now

Picture the scene: your website’s traffic is increasing.  That SEO campaign your team worked so hard on is seeing some great results, your social media strategy is pulling in strong numbers and your PPC is also doing the trick. Brilliant, your planning has paid off with more visitors on your site!


You’re not seeing the kinds of actions you want from visitors. Conversions just aren’t happening; depending on your business, this can be an app download, an email newsletter sign up, filling out a survey, or purchasing something. Conversion Rate is a key metric in ecommerce as it tells you the percentage of visitors to your site that are completing a specific goal. (more…)

Our Top Tips For Using Instagram For Business

Instagram is one of the most popular social media platforms out there. With now more generations getting involved with this application, it is definitely one to consider when choosing the social media platforms that you want to target for your business.

In this blog, we are going to give you our top five tips to make sure that you are using this platform to your full advantage, and not wasting your precious time.


The Ultimate Guide to GIFs

Sometimes it can be hard to express yourself with just text or images. Video could be an option within your social media campaign, but the struggle is that you want your video to look good. Aka, perfect editing, lighting with the best shots you can possibly produce. This takes up precious time and more importantly, budget.

So what if you could combine both? The magic of a picture and video, together? Welcome to the amazing world of GIFs.


The Current State of SEO

Over the last few years, a lot of things have changed in SEO. Because of these changes, both search engines and the searchers now have more expectations from your website than before. So, what do they expect from you now?

1. They expect good relevant content (no escaping quality content!)

2. They expect a faster loading site (your website takes more than 7 seconds to load? Talk to your developer now!)

3. They also expect great user experience and a decent design.

It’s often hard to live up to these expectations! All these things that you did in the past to rank your site, it may not work as well now.


How a Content Calendar can save your marketing strategy

On the face of it, a “content calendar” sounds quite obvious. What do you put in calendars, if not content? Don’t you already keep a business diary that details your strategies and campaigns?

Well, that’s all good, but a content calendar is different. It reaches out to others, and details what content your business will produce at a given time. (more…)

Letting Your Customers Write Your Story

As any content specialist will tell you, having the right words on your homepage, landing pages and transaction pages can make a huge difference to your conversion rate. But what are these words? Getting the right voice isn’t just about creative marketing and copywriting; the most valuable content is created by focussing on what your customers actually want – or do not want – from a product or service. Harvest and analyse what your customers are saying, and you can turn this information into powerful headers, sub headers, content and calls to action. Insightful phrases occur again and again in customer feedback and in online conversations. In some cases they can be directly used to create compelling copy. (more…)