Four Email Marketing blunders that will cost you subscribers

It can be difficult to create a resonant email marketing campaign, and you need to take appropriate measures to make sure your subscribers stick with you.

Frequency and consistency are important factors, but you’re likely to lose more than you gain by sending emails every day, when your subscribers are simply looking for a weekly update. It can soon become part of the background – but here are 4 less obvious blunders that you should avoid (more…)

Want more Retweets? Try a pin

Twitter moves so fast that posts on a busy profile can get buried pretty quickly. But there is a method to have your most important tweet stay at the top of your feed – you have to pin it there.

A “pinned tweet” is a tweet that you’ve “pinned” in place at the top of your stream so that, for others, it will be the first tweet they see on your profile. (more…)

Top Tips for Writing Great AdWords Headlines

What makes a great ad headline? The answer, it would seem, is far from simple – but luckily, there are plenty of ways to make sure your ad jumps off the page and stands out in the crowd. You probably already understand the importance of great ad copy, but your target audience will never get as far as the copy if they don’t click through your ad! (more…)

Top Tips To Get More Retweets on Twitter

Most businesses already have a good idea of the general dos and don’ts of Twitter – don’t go crazy on the hashtags, make sure you post regularly and be sure to use multimedia content for the highest levels of engagement.

But for almost all Twitter users looking back over their analytics, there are usually a few tweets which have as many as x10 more retweets than their regular content. Why does this happen – and how can you optimise your other posts to boost the chances of them being retweeted? (more…)

Top Tips to Grow a Startup with PPC

The last few years have seen an idealised view of startups come to the fore, with movies like The Social Network and images of Silicon Valley telling us that those working at startups will spend their day tending to rooftop allotments, having meetings while sitting on beanbags and making organic salads in micro-kitchens as they code away on their paper-thin laptops. (more…)

Facebook Strategy Not Working? 5 Ways to Use Your FB Budget More Wisely

Most businesses know that Facebook marketing has huge potential in terms growing their audience and customer base. But if you don’t spend your FB budget wisely, you could be throwing money away. Here are some top tips to make every pound counts.

Will that expensive Facebook app really improve your return on investment?

Make sure any FB app idea has a great chance of getting your firm more fans – and more customers! Would a low-cost (or free), ready-made ‘white label’ app be a better option? (more…)

Chartered Marketer Accreditation for Digivita

Our very own Farah, Digivita’s Marketing Director, has been awarded Chartered Marketer status in recognition of her commitment to excellence in the realm of marketing.

The Chartered Marketer accreditation is one of UK marketing’s greatest accolades, and is bestowed exclusively by the Chartered Institute of Marketing.

“It is truly a great honour to be given Chartered Marketer status.” said Farah. “It’s wonderful to have one’s hard work recognised by the most important body in the UK for Marketing. (more…)

Letting Your Customers Write Your Story

As any content specialist will tell you, having the right words on your homepage, landing pages and transaction pages can make a huge difference to your conversion rate. But what are these words? Getting the right voice isn’t just about creative marketing and copywriting; the most valuable content is created by focussing on what your customers actually want – or do not want – from a product or service. Harvest and analyse what your customers are saying, and you can turn this information into powerful headers, sub headers, content and calls to action. Insightful phrases occur again and again in customer feedback and in online conversations. In some cases they can be directly used to create compelling copy. (more…)

Your £2,000 Growth Vouchers – and Strategic Business Advice from Digivita

Here at Digivita we believe knowledge is power: the more you know and understand about your business, your customers, and how you reach them – the better.

The government’s Growth Voucher scheme underlines the huge advantages such knowledge brings.

The Chancellor has made available £30m of funding for business advice support for small businesses. For your company, this could translate to an injection of up to £2,000 for strategic advice from the private sector. (more…)

Creating a Facebook Business Page? Read Our Essential Tips for Success

Noticed that some your competitors have created Facebook business pages? Think it’s time to create one for your own company? There’s no denying that a well thought-out and attractively designed Facebook page can help support your business objectives – but ‘leaping on the bandwagon’ without careful consideration could mean wasted time, money and effort. Here are our bite-size tips for a Facebook business page that really works: (more…)