Google Adwords’ recent changes

Google Adwords is constantly changing. You could go away for a week and return to find the entire layout has changed, so you’ll have to work your way around it from the beginning all over again. An example of this is that on Friday 19th February Google effectively ‘killed off’ right side ads, and now only shows ads at the top and bottom of the SERP. Additionally, on February 23rd Google announced that the normal text ads on AdWords were gaining a better sibling – the expanded text ad. If you currently have no idea what I’m talking about, and you are now looking at your screen in confusion – do not worry, I will explain.


The new Twitter update – How it can help your business

For years, Twitter have been stingy with their 140 character limit on tweets. However, things are changing.

Even though this limit still exists, Twitter are now cutting back on what types of content that will use up the 140 character limit we all know and love.

These new Twitter features are incredibly exciting and give the world of tweeting a whole new perspective to go from. Since it was announced in May, this update has been incredibly anticipated by all users of the social media platform.

So, what has actually changed?


The Current State of SEO

Over the last few years, a lot of things have changed in SEO. Because of these changes, both search engines and the searchers now have more expectations from your website than before. So, what do they expect from you now?

1. They expect good relevant content (no escaping quality content!)

2. They expect a faster loading site (your website takes more than 7 seconds to load? Talk to your developer now!)

3. They also expect great user experience and a decent design.

It’s often hard to live up to these expectations! All these things that you did in the past to rank your site, it may not work as well now.


How to be smart with hashtags

The hashtag. First developed on Twitter back in 2007, and since then the idea has spread to every corner of the social media world. The intention of the hashtag was to make it much easier for users to search for content specifically. It is essentially a way to categorise information, without having to scour the entire website that you’re using. Facebook, Tumblr, Pinterest, Instagram and Google+ have all jumped on the twitter trend, although they may not all of been as successful as each other when it comes to this phenomenon.


It’s time for remarketing – The traditional sales funnel is obsolete

Buyer behaviour has changed.  Consumers no longer act in a linear fashion. The traditional approach may not be dead, but it is outdated. Regardless of whether you operate a B2C or B2B business, your sales funnel needs to react and adapt to this change.

In the traditional model, the largest number of leads enters at the wide top of the funnel. As they are pulled through the linear sales process from one stage to the next, more and more leads drop out along the way until only a small portion actually make it to the bottom, narrow part of the funnel to become loyal customers.  In the traditional funnel, it is the salesperson who controls or guides the lead through the sales process, educating and qualifying the prospect along the way until the purchasing decision is finally made. (more…)

Tech Behind Pokémon GO – The Next Big Thing In Digital Marketing?

If the success of Pokémon GO is anything to go by, yes it is! This free game has taken the world quite literally by storm, using the power of AR (Augmented Reality) to unite virtual activity with reality. In real terms, this equates to 75 million people worldwide appearing on the high street, in parks, at tourist attractions and quite possibly outside a business like yours. So the next question is… (more…)

Clean Up Your Act – It is Time to Audit Your PPC Account

No PPC account is perfect, no matter how hard you work on optimising it according to the best practices, you could always miss something. Which is why it is important, on occasion, to take the time to audit your efforts. An audit can be carried out at any time, however, you should try to avoid an audit after a recent strategy change or account update, just so you’re not auditing based on skewed results. Of course it’s a good idea to audit if you are experiencing performance issues, and equally it may be a good idea to conduct an audit if the same person or team has been managing an account for an extended period of time. Your audit should focus of the following key fundamental areas: (more…)

Networking: a guide to beating your social worries

Networking is an inevitable part of business. The fact is, you’ll eventually have to go to mixers and events, mingle with other company executives and representatives, and use some charming social skills to introduce yourself to potential new clients.

The thing is, we’re not all contestants on The Apprentice – we might have good ideas about business, but this doesn’t come hand-in-hand with sales or pitching gravitas. So how do those who are slightly more introverted, shy, or just dislike networking events entirely? Here are a few points to consider that will definitively help your networking ability: (more…)

How a Content Calendar can save your marketing strategy

On the face of it, a “content calendar” sounds quite obvious. What do you put in calendars, if not content? Don’t you already keep a business diary that details your strategies and campaigns?

Well, that’s all good, but a content calendar is different. It reaches out to others, and details what content your business will produce at a given time. (more…)

Avoid Terrible Tweets

We’ve discussed Twitter’s use on this blog before, how it can prove to be an extremely useful tool for social media marketing (see here for our tips on Pinned Tweets and getting more Retweets).

Since social media’s inception, gaffes have been common. From Ed Balls tweeting his own name, to the hashtag hijacking of 2014’s #myNYPD, mistakes, stupidity and [errors of judgement] spread like wildfire. Even if you delete the tweet, someone has likely taken a screenshot of it – there’s really no escape. (more…)