Google Update is Bad News for Intrusive Mobile Popups

Sites using page-covering pop-up ads and sign-up forms are to be de-ranked by Google in the new year. Intrusive pop-up ads – named ‘intrusive interstitials’ – are to be heavily penalised by Google. In January 2017, Google will be lowering the rankings for sites that include invasive advertising that, in their own words, “can be problematic on mobile devices where screens are often smaller.”

The ‘mobile friendly’ ecosystem has grown to the point where, according to Google, 85% of content on the web is now mobile friendly. This is no surprise, as back in 2015 Google recorded more mobile searches being made than desktop ones. The ‘mobile friendly’ label will now be removed, even though mobile friendliness will continue to be a major part of Google’s ranking algorithm. (more…)

Don’t let marketing get in the way of CSR

Is Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) getting too involved in marketing?

Tell your company’s story – not what you think people want to hear
Marketing is, in part, about telling your brand’s story – and this is where CSR tends to get muddled in with it. Think about the major players in the marketing world; they all have stories to fall back on. How many litres of water did Coca-Cola recycle last year? What emissions were saved by Toyota’s hybrid engines? Don’t know, because brands focus on a messages and solutions. Pit this against the responsibility to do the right thing: these are two separate messages entirely. (more…)

New AdWords Extenstion Feature

Price extensions can be brilliant for your business as they showcase the products and services in much more detail than a standard text ad. And as each product has its own link, people can tap straight from your extension to where they want to be on your mobile site. As well as being an effective way to drive sales, another benefit that comes with using price extensions is your ad takes up a lot more room. Compared to a standard text ad, an ad with price extensions takes up considerably more screen space.  (more…)

Our Top Tips For Using Instagram For Business

Instagram is one of the most popular social media platforms out there. With now more generations getting involved with this application, it is definitely one to consider when choosing the social media platforms that you want to target for your business.

In this blog, we are going to give you our top five tips to make sure that you are using this platform to your full advantage, and not wasting your precious time.



Snapchat is the new social media phenomenon that offers a unique way to communicate with your customers.

Unlike lots of other social media networks out there, it doesn’t really matter when you post on Snapchat as posts do not get buried in a busy timeline like Facebook or Twitter. The updates stay unopened until the followers have the time to open them, so you always know someone is going to be seeing all the content that you post on there.

Here is my guide to decide whether Snapchat is worth getting for your business:


ROUNDUP: The Top Christmas Adverts 2016

The festive season is here, which means all the emotional Christmas adverts have returned. For most people, as soon as the Christmas Adverts start appearing – it is the true start to the Christmas season (for me anyway). At Digivita we love all the creative ads on television this time of year.


The Ultimate Guide to GIFs

Sometimes it can be hard to express yourself with just text or images. Video could be an option within your social media campaign, but the struggle is that you want your video to look good. Aka, perfect editing, lighting with the best shots you can possibly produce. This takes up precious time and more importantly, budget.

So what if you could combine both? The magic of a picture and video, together? Welcome to the amazing world of GIFs.


Customer Match – The basics

Somewhere, deep within your computer, there is going to be an email database of every person you have ever spoken to in terms of your business. People mostly use this list in their email marketing campaigns, to try and sell them services through automated emails. And if you have ever received one of these emails before, you’ve probably just deleted it straight away – email marketing doesn’t always work.

So, how amazing would it be if you could target your Google Ads to the people you have already communicated with? Without sending them millions and billions of automated emails in the hope of a collaboration? Well, now you can. Welcome to the magic of Customer Match.


Facebook Live Video – How to use it to your advantage

Not too long ago, Facebook introduced a whole new feature for their users: Facebook Live.

Facebook Live allows users to stream live video to their friends or followers. By just tapping the live stream icon on your smartphone, you are able to write a description for the event and with a few more clicks of buttons, you are broadcasting live on your Facebook page.