Most businesses know that Facebook marketing has huge potential in terms growing their audience and customer base. But if you don’t spend your FB budget wisely, you could be throwing money away. Here are some top tips to make every pound counts.

Will that expensive Facebook app really improve your return on investment?

Make sure any FB app idea has a great chance of getting your firm more fans – and more customers! Would a low-cost (or free), ready-made ‘white label’ app be a better option?

Create entertaining, informative FB posts.

Most users are alert to the hard sell these days: give them some good content instead and win them over slowly.

Target your FB ads carefully.

Using a ‘scattergun’ approach to your Facebook ads will just waste your budget. Target your ads at the right demographics, just as you would with a good PPC ad.

Use post-boosting intelligently.

Paying to boost every post you create is expensive; use your budget more wisely and only boost posts that target people who might actually buy your product or service.

Avoid fake fans.

It’s not a good idea to buy Facebook fans – they’re not real! As with Google, Facebook is getting wise to these manipulative efforts, so they won’t help you progress. There is no short cut to building your Facebook fan base – although enlisting the help of Digivita’s digital marketing experts could see you build your Facebook audience much more quickly.